An unique test to indicate the hydro status of the foot

Neurocheck™ was developed by Dr.Reinhard Zick with the use of a Basic principal of Physical Chemistry. The production is done by Miro Verbandstoff , based in Germany. The German Insurance Company, BKK, has proved and accepted the efficiency of Neurocheck (Neuropad). Neurocheck is a clever and simple plaster which can indicate the hydro status of the foot and therefore the potential for developing DFS.

The function of the perspiratory Glands is vital for the elasticity and healthy function of the foot bed. The sales activities was initiated by Tissupor AG together with a South Korean Company, CJ Pharma for the exclusive world wide market distribution.

In South Korea, the respectable medical scientists have performed intensive Clinical trials in parallel with the European doctors. Neurocheck was registered as an ETC in 2004 by KFDA. In Europe, Neurocheck is sold as an OTC product. Tissupor Asia has taken over all the sales right together with the product license From CJ Pharma in 2006 and started to the local distribution in South Korea and Singapore.

Product Name : NEUROCHECK™


Generic Name : Cobalt() chloride


Contents : 6.07%w/w Cobalt(II) chloride solution


For which symptoms : moisture test to check the hydro status of the foot for patients who has diabetes


Medical Action: When diabetic neuropathy occurs, it uses 6.07% of cobalt chloride which changes its color according to the amount of moisture to appear the perspiration decrement of the foot.


Date of Internal Launch: 2004. July 1st


Manufacturing Company: miro Verbandstoffe GmbH (Germany)


Sales Company: Tissupor Asia Co,. Ltd.


Certification category of Pharmacy : Ethical Drug(ETC)


Efficacy Code : 729


Method for Custody: Keep in a lighttight, airtight container, cold in custody


Package Unit: 50ea/box, 100ea/box