How to Test
An unique test to indicate the hydro status of the foot

Neurocheck™ offers a reliable and easy to use method of efficiently predicting the possibility of developing diabetic foot syndrome (DFS). miro Verbandstoffe GmbH in co-operation with a leading professor in the field of diabetics and in conjunction with tip-therm GmbH, Gesellschaft fur neurologische Diagnostik have achieved this important diagnostic breakthrough



1) Two feet must be checked up.
2) Before sticking Neurocheck, take off socks or shoes and dry feet
    for over 5 minutes.


How to use Neurocheck

1) Take out the product just before sticking it to the feet.
2) Check the reaction pad whether it is evenly blue.
3) Remove released paper and stick it on below the bulging part of
    the big toe of left and right feet.
4) While using Neurocheck, the feet must face upside not touching
    any moisture around.



1) After 10 minutes, remove the Neurocheck carefully not touching the
    reaction part, and check the result.
2) When the reaction pad changes to pink, the feet are diagnosed as
3) When the reaction pad maintains blue and does not change its
    color or change color partly to pink, the skin is dry and resilience
    is insufficient.
    In this situation, you must consult with your doctor about the
    progress of diabetic foot syndrome and prevent it.
4) After the test, remove the remainder on skin with the remover and
    wash hands.


Test Interval

1) To check the condition of foot, it is recommended once in 6 month.

Directions for the Use


Following patients are not recommended.

1) Patients allergic to chrome, nickel and cobalt.
2) Affected or having skin ailments around the pad attached part.


General caution

1) It is used outside of the body.
2) The test is proper after you read the instruction carefully and do
    as it is told.
3) Take off your socks and shoes and dry your feet for over 5
    minutes. Then check two bulging parts below big toes before
    sticking Neuropad on.
4) This product is so susceptible that it should be unsealed just
    before using.
5) Check the pad whether the color is evenly blue.
6) Do not contact eyes, respiratory organs or wound.
7) Keep in a place where children are out of reach.
8) Contact this pad to the only part of skin which is tested and not to
    be contacted to others.